A simplified version of atlas for publishing a map on a third party site

illustration Example of an embedded card on a third party site

This is a simplified version of atlas, which is used to visualize maps when they are embedded on a third party site.

This application presents the map, its title, description and legend, as well as the ability to select items on the map, and switching between language.

A link to the map in atlas allows to visualize the map with all the tools of atlas.

How to embed a map from cartostation in another site?

The simplest solution consists in copying the code proposed on a map in the atlas application, and to insert it in the HTML code of the page of your site.

In the case of a manual embed, the person creating the iframe must make sure that the map url points to the application embed, and not to atlas.

For embed and atlas, the urls are structured as follows:

Link to atlas map :

Link to embed map:

Visibility of the application

embed is an application that is not intended to be visible in the dashboard application. However, it must be activated during cartostation deployment to be usable.

This application is automatically used when the third party site publication code is copied from the corresponding widget in atlas.